Your House Behind the Lens

I want to start off by immediately stating that every entry… every post you SEE or read on this blog I want you to feel like it was worth even the quickest of glances… even the shortest of visits.  Sure… this is MY creative outlet.  Yes… I sell homes full-time in the Oak Park/River Forest area of Illinois.  I have many passions but this blog is about the photography.  I strive to make sure you exit from each post having learned something or at the least you say to yourself, “That shot was cool.”

Some basic info to know about this blog in no particular order…

  • I sell homes so 75% of the blog’s content will have to do with homes.  And I sell OLD homes because that is what we have here… mostly.
  • Many of the posts will have to do with the crazy stuff I find in older homes!  You wouldn’t believe what I see… Both beautiful and scary.
  • Many times I will post on topics that have nothing to do with homes!  I may post a photo that displays some other passion of mine like road cycling or automobile racing or…
  • Many times I will pop a photo up here with no verbiage just because I think you followers would enjoy seeing it and maybe it needs no words.
  • Unless otherwise stated all photos are mine taken by me.
  • Unless otherwise stated all photos are taken using a Sony NEX-7 and an assortment of Sony E-mount lenses and possibly an old Nikkor lens or two affixed to the NEX using a Fotodiox adapter ring.  The NEX is a mirrorless compact camera system.
  • I use Adobe’s Lightroom software to keep track of my photos and I like to use the same for minor editing.  Occasionally I will need to use Adobe’s Photoshop to remove an imperfection or car in the driveway.
  • At times you will see that a post is labelled a “… Project”.  Anytime you see the name of the post or a reference to the photographic series being a “Project” that means there was more serious planning involved.  Maybe I worked for weeks on the idea and set-up and took hundreds of photos and spent unusual amount of time to get what I was after.  It may also mean I collected the data and photos over time.

So I encourage you to subscribe… follow… and here we go!

Steve Scheuring

Realtor & Local Expert

Baird & Warner, Oak Park/River Forest